Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The visit to the Vet.

The Boo is the only dog I have ever known literally pull you into the vet’s admittedly she does have the hot’s for one of the young guys there and gives me and the receptionist the he better be in or I’m going to play-up look whenever we visit.
We sit and wait, well I sit The Boo prowls and glares at the other dogs giving them the he’s mine look. Every time the door to his surgery opens she’s there trying to get in, absolutely no shame, I’m sure if she knew where he lived she’d stalk him.
Finally it’s our turn and she skids on the lino in her haste tail sweeping from side to side, like a demented tiller, never had it cropped think it cruel, and trying to jump up to him. As soon as he pats and strokes her it’s like she goes into a trance her eyes roll and gives a little tremble its quit disgusting behaviour for such an elderly lady.
After a swooning few minutes the vet pronounces her fit and healthy says it may have been a midge or grass seed in her ear but gone now. So with a great deal of reluctance and quite a bit of resistance we departed me with half my weeks pension The Boo with that expression that only old ladies have after such encounters .
She has now spent the rest of the day with her nose in her nether regions fast asleep not a care in the world.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Yesterday and The Boo at her best.

Sitting in the boat reading when there is a great thump look out window to see upturned kayak drifting away with no sign of a body, go on deck to investigate and find idiot hanging onto side of bout like a fender. “Yer kayak drifting”, help me he says. At which point The Boo, having been disturbed from one of her afternoon naps she now has several, appears and sticks her head over the side directly into face of clinging bod who gives girly scream and falls back into water, points to kayak “yer boats over there mate. The Boo looks up with her that’s how you deal with that look and goes back to her bed. Not a bark or growl just a satisfied look on a rather smug face.

Friday, 19 August 2011

As requested

As a request has been mad of The Boo to step in and sort out these BW people she wishes to inform everyone that she has gone into full training and expects to have her farts up to full odorous strength very soon. She says she will be more than willing to add to the stench already coming from BW head office and points out that as a champion farter she will soon stink that lot out. 

Monday, 15 August 2011

About The Boo

The Boo now has her own blog and will be keeping everyone informed as to her exploits don’t expect too much as she is now a lady who is in her later years and spends most of the time sleeping or farting.

peek a Boo