Friday, 28 December 2012

Boo in her youth

Just a few pic’s of the old lady. A tribute to her 14 years as a faithful friend the last one is my favorite The very last Pic was added today 12/01/2013 and was taken in 2004 by a friend 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Boo and the window cleaner

In bathroom and can hear someone tapping and calling out hello, looked in back bedroom and there’s the window cleaner waving and pointing down. Puzzled so went to window and looked. Guy must have come into back garden without realising patio door was part open now at top of ladder while The Boo sat at the bottom with that “this is gonna be fun” look on her face.
She’s ok she won’t hurt you. Oh yea then why does it growl every time I try and go down, demonstrates by stepping down one rung, The Boo turns and walks away, the guy takes another step down and she’s back at the bottom of the ladder with her this is the best bit of fun in ages look. The look of disappointment on her face, and look of relief on his, when I went down and called her in and shut the door. He scurried out the back gate; The Boo looked out with a disappointed and bored look before coiling up in her bed, parting with a fart and nodding off.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

why a new bed

What is it with you humans one goes to the trouble of getting one’s bed just to one liking, the shape nicely moulded to fit ones favourite reclining position, the odour just right to give a welcoming smell and a declaration of ownership and you throw it out and replace it with a featureless odourless pile of quilted tat that’s going to take me ages to get to an acceptable level of comfort. And no, it nor I harbour fleas.

Now to make things worse He’s sprayed it with some sort of perfume I shall smell like one of those old lady’s that always get up one’s nose and who, if it wasn’t for the treats they bring, would get severely bitten. Also I will now be ostracised by all the other dogs for weeks, no welcoming noses up the rump, thanks mate .

You would think that after 12 years ( and that’s 12 of his years) of training he would get it right but no, is it any wonder we all bark up the wrong tree.