Saturday, 10 August 2013

Tribute to The Boo

This is the Logo I shall have on the new Narrow boat as a tribute to my dear old Boo 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Remembering The Boo

Today for the first time I did the whole walk along the canal and around the lake with tramp. This is the walk I did for many years with The Boo and the memories came flooding back, watching her swim for sticks and seeing her with as many as five in her mouth at once. Watching her take a flying leap off the bridge side (at least 4 ft) to retrieve her ball or dive for the pears we used to throw in from the old pear tree, she would often go right under and come up with them. Stopped at all the places around the lake where she used to swim trying to encourage Tramp in but I guess it a bit to cold at the moment.
It's taken me a week to pluck up the courage to take tramp on that walk but now I'm glad I have. I enjoyed all the memories and the new experiences with Tramp and he loved the run and chasing all the rabbits, he has no chance of catching them, even for a lurcher, they're to experienced ( a lot of dog) and just disappear into the brambles where he has already learned not to venture.
Tramp hasn't got the idea yet that when the tides out there's thick mud and has twice now tried to chase the birds on it only to end up knee deep and totally bemused. He certainly doesn't like the aftermath when he gets a hose down.
After 14 years together I shall never forget My Lovely Boo but its time to move on and share the new times with the Tramp.

Monday, 18 February 2013

A tribute to The Boo. The beginning

This it the tribute to a wonderful companion, buddy and soul mate. My Boo, *The Boo* as she was truly a one off, the most loving and loyal friend one could wish to have. I was there when she was born, the last but the bravest and feistiest of the litter. She was a darker brindle than the rest with a white face and chest wobbly little legs with great big paws. That's gonna be a big one look at the size of her feet everyone said but I didn't care.
Collected her on her eighth week and took her back to our new home "The Barge Becky" where we were to spend the next fourteen years together. The journey home was the beginning of a hate thing for The Boo, she hated the car and traveling. As I was to find out when she was sick in my camera bag. Which was better than the time she lost control and poo'd when we were on the motorway in a traffic jamb and stuck in the centre lane, after that we kept the traveling to a minimum and made sure to administer a sickness pill.
On the Becky Boo was always very clean never "going" below deck, I'd made a gate to the jetty so that she couldn't get off and she would "go" on deck, ease to hose down. Later when we moved to the other side of the canal I never bothered with a gate and had the door to the cabin on a weighted bungee cord so that she could come and go as she liked, she rewarded my trust by never going more than a few boat lengths away.
And so started our adventure together.
Beginning with Boo and the ball, that was any ball, anybody's, any shape and any size. She once burst onto a rugby field in Wales chased the ball and hugged it,( she would do this to all big balls that she couldn't pick up) so that when you tried to lift her off the ball it came up with her, fortunately the guys thought she was great but the ref awarded a penalty against her for not releasing the ball.
When we had the foot & mouth epidemic and we couldn't walk anywhere I used to take her to the car park with a basket ball and she would run herself ragged chasing it around. The only way to stop her was to grab the ball and put it in a black sack, for some reason she could never understand where the ball had gone and stand there with her tongue hanging out and a confused look on her face.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Boo in the snow

Boo could never make out what the snow was, one day it was there them it was gone again. If you threw a snowball she would chase after it then be surprised when she couldn't find it. She would run along pushing the snow with her nose until her head was covered and she couldn't see, then shake it off and do the whole thing again.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Message from The Boo

I’m in doggy heaven now and meeting up with all my old lost doggy chums, there’s the two Ben’s, Pipper, Old Jo, Red, Mac, Bonnie and so many more all were waiting to greet me and all looking healthy and happy. I shall miss the old chap but life on that side of the bridge was becoming tiresome and uncomfortable here there is none of that just fun and frolicking. I shall, of course, keep an eye on him to make sure he stays safe as I know what a silly old duffer he can be and will send him a Boo fart if he strays too far or forgets our time together.

Friday, 11 January 2013

R I P The Boo

today my beautiful girl passed away after 14 years of wonderful companionship I shall miss her dearly but will continue to blog the little antidotes of her life as I remember them. Rest in peace my little buddy. Hope you saved yer best farts for doggy heaven

Friday, 28 December 2012

Boo in her youth

Just a few pic’s of the old lady. A tribute to her 14 years as a faithful friend the last one is my favorite The very last Pic was added today 12/01/2013 and was taken in 2004 by a friend